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Snail Repairing Mask

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Anti-Aging Snail Repairing Mask

Snail Repairing Mask is highly effective in skin-smoothing and firming by helping the skin moisturized deeply.


How to Use

1. After face wash, apply "Step 1: Active Ampoule" to be absorbed around eyes and lips. The remaining ampoule can be applied onto the area of your concern on the face.

2. Remove "Step 2: Mask" from packaging and apply onto face, placing on smoothly and lightly with your fingertips.

3. Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes and remove.

4. After removing the mask, gently massage the remaining essence into the skin.

5. Apply a moderate amount of "Step 3: Night Cream" to be absorbed on around eyes and tips. The remaining cream can be applied onto the rest of your concern on the face.