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Hydration & Repairing Bubble Foam Cleanser

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Nahee Bubble Foam Cleanser is a foam cleanser that removes wastes in pores with mild foaming and cleansing and contains Centella extract to soothe sensitive skin and moisture it.


Centella Asiatica extracts are medicinal plants that have been used to treat skin damage for hundreds of years, promoting the differentiation of fibroblasts in the skin and helping to produce collagen.

Catechin and polyphenol, rich in green tea extract, help protect the skin through antioxidant, moisturizing and resistance to ultraviolet light.

Seabuckthorn fruits are a good source of vitamin B and E, lycopene and phytosterol as well as vitamin C, helping to stabilize and soothe the skin from UV rays and oxidative stress.

Noni has been used on damaged skin since thousands of years ago as a plant grown by Polynesians for medicinal and edible purposes. The skin elasticity improvement of Noni Fruit Extract has been reported through clinical trials and helps to protect the skin.

Saururus Chinensis extracts and propolis extracts help to care for skin that is susceptible to external hazards and environment and to protect the skin from oxidative stress.


How to use

Take an appropriate amount of foam on your hand and use it on your face and wash off.